It’s been months since I started talking about working on an EP, but it’s finally time to make some real announcements!

The Gentleman’s Guide to Keeping Away from People Like You" is going to be released on Saturday, March 2nd! The 8 track EP (recorded and mixed by Connor and I, mastered by Jeff Long at Trap Door Recordings) will include:

  1. Just Not the Hero Type
  2. North Star (… and a Million Miles to Home)
  3. The Gentleman’s Guide to Keeping Away from People Like You (feat. Alex Cortright)
  4. We’re Fighting Fate Here, You and I
  5. Nostalgically Yours
  6. A Lie for a Lie (Make Up Your Mind Before I Have to Do This for You)
  7. You’re a Magician, Not a Wizard
  8. Two’s Company, Three’s the Musketeers

The first single, "A Lie for a Lie" will be released on Saturday, February 16th, 2 weeks before the rest of the songs are released! This date also marks the one year anniversary for the band!

Also, shout out to Alex from Close Up On the Quiet Ones for doing guest vocals on the title track!

For now, the EP will be available solely through our BandCamp, but we’re hoping to have some hard copies to bring to shows very soon!

I’m extremely excited to finally get this out there! We’ve been working on it for so long, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Get excited!

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