Messenger Down - A Lie for a Lie (Drum Cam - Lucie Monroe’s - Christiansburg, VA)

Arun set up a drum cam in Virginia over the weekend! Check out this song from our set that night!

Be careful having practice in the dark dark 🎶

Be careful having practice in the dark dark 🎶

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You guys are so great if you killed me I would come back to life just to thank you

I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean but I don’t see us killing anyone any time soon so you’re welcome maybe I guess?


Messenger Down 9/26/14 ❤️

Ayeee <3

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you lovelies were amazing friday!!

Thank you so much you’re great mwah <3


Messenger Down - Sometime After Someday

"You’ve got a secret, I’ve got a muse."

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if i covered swollen eyes for butterflies on the ukulele what would happen

I mean idk I feel like that would be pretty great! Do it!

Just wanna take a second to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out to both of our shows over this past weekend! They were definitely 2 of the best shows we’ve ever put on or been a part of! 

Speaking of shows, we’ll be playing at the Shred Shed in Greensboro again on Oct. 17th with RoamerCold Comfort, and Scrapbooks! Check out the event page below:

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When you join a band do you automatically have great legs and great hair and great skin and smell good and have great social skills

OMG I think this is the last one

you guys are ridiculous

I say this with love lol

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I'm fairly certain that I will not be the first to say that your booty was lookin hella fine in those jeans last night just sayin

what the hell omg why are there so many of these